Life in a Paper Boat CD


Life in a Paper Boat, PRCD41. Release date: 7th October 2016

If you think by now you know pretty much everything there is to know about a Kate Rusby release be prepared to follow the diversion signs. Boasting six Kate originals and skilfully produced by husband Damien O’Kane, this 12-track album is full of his vibrant trademarks and unexpected twists and tangents ranging from subtle, sensitive treatments to unflinching flamboyance making for a brimming, full bodied soundscape.


1. Benjamin Bowmaneer
2. Hunter Moon
3. The Ardent Shepherdess
4. Life in a Paper Boat
5. Only Desire What You Have
6. Hundred Hearts
7. The Mermaid
8. Pace Egging Song
9. The Witch of the Westmorland
10. I’ll be Wise
11. Night Lament
 12. Big Brave Bill


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